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IJPCR is recruiting Editorial Board Members. As the growth of the journal continues, we must also ensure that it is able to cope with increased submissions whilst maintaining our high editorial standards. Therefore, we are looking to expand our editorial team.

We are interested in individuals who are committed to open access, data sharing and innovation in scientific publishing.

Suitable candidates should:

Have a minimum of fifteen (15) research papers published in reputable, English-language, peer-reviewed journals
Be frequently listed as the corresponding author (first or last author) during the last five years;
Have demonstrable expertise that fits within the scope and the need of the journal.

Suitable Editorial Board Members for IJPCR also must:

Support the journal’s ethos, scope, editorial standards, and policies, and be a committed advocate who will represent Healthcare within the scientific community;

Role and Responsibilities

The Editorial Board Member is primarily responsible for assessing manuscripts for their suitability for peer review, selecting suitable reviewers who meet the journal’s requirements and recommends decisions on the basis of the peer reviewers’ reports and their own assessment while adhering to the journal’s editorial policies.
An Editorial Board Member for IJPCR should be engaged and willing to handle a minimum of fifteen (15) manuscripts per year across a range of disciplines within their broader subject area.
Our Editorial Board Members will receive training, and our in-house editorial team will also provide administrative support. The Editorial Board Member will report to the Editor of the journal.
Provide a professional and supportive service to our authors and ensure that manuscripts they are responsible for fulfil the requirements of the journal and are handled efficiently and appropriately through peer-review.

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