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Volume 3, Issue 4, October 2011- December 2011[/su_heading]

1.Variation of ABO and Rh Blood Groups Among Medical Students of SSIMS & RC, Davanagere, Karnataka, India
Maliyannar Itgappa, M. Subhas Chandrappa, M.Vidya Nadigere, G.M.Raju, R.Dinesha, S.S. Thammannagowda
The present study aim is to determine the most common blood groups for purpose of emergency blood transfusion and to know the high incidence of certain disease in some blood group carriers. The observational cross sectional study was done at department of Bio-chemistry (central Lab) and Pathology at SSI Medical Science &RC, Davanagere, Karnataka of South Indiaduring August 2009 to December 2009. The sample blood was collected by finger prick method. A drop of monoclonal reagent anti A, anti B, and Anti D were added to a drop of blood on clean and fresh glass slides and mixed well with glass rod. Results of agglutination were recorded immediately. During the observation,total number of subjects studied were 600, out of 312 is males and 288 are females. Study showed Blood group-B is more predominant in males. Females O-blood group is more predominant. The Males have Rh positive is 94.57% and 5.13% negative and female 94.44% is Rh positive and 5.66% negative. From the above study we came to a conclusion that, group-B is slightly higher (0.64%) than the group-O in males. But group-O is predominant in Females than group-B by 4.5%. The patterns of Rh factors are similar in both males and females.
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