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1. Natural Fungal Compounds as 5-Hydroxytryptamine Receptor 2C Inhibitors: A Homology Modeling and Docking Study
Sowmya Suri, Bindu Chowhan

2. Building Audit Compliant Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environment by the Aid of the Industrial Internet of Things (Iiot)
Sripad H S, Gangadharappa H V, Gowrav M P, Amit B Patil

3. Cardio Metabolic Risk Factors Among Different Ethnic Women from Tripura, A North Eastern State of India: Relationship with Socio Demographic Patterns
Purnajita Sen, Dipayan Choudhuri

4. Pharmaceutical Product Recall in USA and EU: Comparative analysis
Bigoniya Dharmesh, M P Venkatesh, T M Pramod Kumar

5. Effectiveness of Self Worth Therapy on Self Esteem Among Elderlyin Selected Old Age Homes, Kancheepuram Districts
J Selva Mary Devakani, A Akila Devi, R Vijayalakshmi

6. Detection of Clavibacter michiganensis in Infected Tomato with the Help of Immunoinformatics Technique
Basu A, Sarkar A, Basak P

7. Effect of Lindernia ciliata (Colsm.) Pennell. against Ethanol Induced Oxidative Damage in Hepg2 Cells
Praneetha Pallerla, Swarooparani Vanapatla, Narsimha reddy Yellu, Ravi kumar Bobbala

8. Clinical Trial on Thetreatment of Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease Through the Oral Administration of Siddha Herbal Formulation Swasakasathirku churnam
Revathi G, Rajalakshmi P, Vadivel V