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1. Comparative Evaluation of Arka Lavana – An Ayurvedic Herbomineral Formulation
Devanathan. R, Niraimathi. K. L., Karunanidhi. M, Brindha. P

2. Antioxidant Activity of Some Common Medicinal Plants
Ansa Mathew, Madhu.C.D, Subash Philip

3. A Review: Ependymomas Disease
Shinde S.M, Kumbhar U.R, Deshmukh D.B, Gaikwad D.D, Grampurohit N.D.

4. Recent Developments and Strategies of Ocular Insitu Drug Delivery System: A Review
Kavitha K, Santhosh Kumar P, M. Rupeshkumar, Jagadeesh Singh S.D, Jyothi.M, Nekuri

5. Antibacterial effectiveness of many plants extracts against the resistant Negative Coagulase staphylococcus that cause Clinical Mastitis in Cows
Al Laham SH, Al Fadel F

6. Correlation of Cystatin C and Cardiovascular Risk Markers in Uncontrolled Type 2 Dm
Arul Senghor, Ebenezer William, Jeevanathan, Naveen, Shyam

7. Antiobesity Effect of Polyherbal Formulations in Cafeteria and Atherogenic Diet Induced Obesity in Rats
Jain Vikas Kumar, Badjatya Vishal, Nema Rajesh Kumar

8. Correlation between hormones, cytokines, MMP2 and α-fetoprotein among hyperlipidemic obese children
Iman H. Kamel, Yasser E. Nassef, Hanaa H. Ahmed