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1. Unraveling the Inhibitory Activities of Gentiana Derivatives Against Inflammatory Response of Rheumatoid Arthritis Using Molecular Modeling Approach
Matchado Monica Steffi, Sachidanand Singh, Arulmozhi S

2. Ethnobotanical, Pharmacological Benefits and Phytochemistry of Sida cordifolia (Linn.): A Review
Ajeet Singh, Navneet

3. Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Regarding Labour Process on Anxiety and Pain Perception Among Primiparturient Mothers
Jones Marina N V, Jayabharathi B

4. In vivo Analysis of Clausena anisata (Willd.) Hook. f. ex Benth Crude and SNP Extracts Against Antioxidant and Hypoglycemic Activity
Arsia Taranm Y, Nargis Begum T, Syed Jahangir H, Shilu Mathew, Muhammad Ilyas MH