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1. Preservation of Avulsed Tooth
Tharangini Raveenthiraraja

2. Clinical Significance of Serum p53 Antibodies in Monitoring Treatment of Syrian Breast Cancer Patients
Mahmoud  Alali Aljewar, Jumana Alsaleh

3. Adherence to Antidepressants Therapy: Socio-demographic Factors Wise Distribution
Alekhya. P Sriharsha. M Venkata ramudu. R Shivanandh. B Priya darsini. T Siva Kumar reddy. K Hrushikesh reddy. Y

4. Impact of Long Term Metformin Therapy on Hepcidin and Iron Status in Type II Diabetic Patients
Ahmed H.H., Fadl N.N., Kotob S.E.

5.Correlation Between Insulin Resistance and Obesity in Normoglycemic Obese Syrian Subjects
Taghrid Hammoud

6. Amplification of Methicillin Resistant Gene (mecA) gene from the MRSA strains
Fatemeh Gomroki, Hamzah Basil Mohammed, Sudhakar Malla

7. Standardize Operating procedure for Clinical Data Management (CDM), exploring the possibility under Indian Regulations
Bajpai N, Dang S, Sharma S K

8. Toxic Effect of Some Heavy Metals in Egyptian Autistic Children
Fateheya M. Metwally, Ehab R. Abdelraoof, Hend Rashad, Adel Hasheesh, Zienab. B. Elsedfy, Ola Gebril, Meguid N A

9. Comparative Evaluation of Hematology and Biochemistry Before and After Administration of Nifedipine and Isoxsuprine in the Treatment of Preterm Labor.
Ragunath M.P., Sasmal D

10. Enhanced Recovery of L-Glutaminase by the Optimization of A Three-Phase Partitioning System Using the Taguchi Doe Methodology
Quaisar Perween, Vishal Anand, Hare Ram Singh, Santosh Kumar Jha

11. Structural Prediction and Comparative Molecular Docking Studies of Hesperidin and L-Dopa On Α-Synuclein, MAO-B, COMT and UCHL-1 Inhibitors
Priya Nagappan,Vijayalakshmi Krishnamurthy


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